Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely! We offer all repair work, from replacing a radiator to replacing an engine. If you require further items such as brakes, tyres, wipers, even a new bumper, we do it all!

That is completely up to you! We have amenities on site, or if you have a few things to do, we have courtesy cars available if required.

Definitely. We do not begin any major works unless it is arranged prior. We will call you with the expected timeframe and cost of the repairs.

Depending on the process of the repair, you are more than welcome to take a courtesy car until your vehicle is repaired.

Absolutely! We buy & sell vehicles through our 1 Stop Auto Group & if its a vehicle beyond repair, it will be taken to our parts department.

We certainly do. Our own Subaru parts we stock will be covered under our 3 month warranty. For more information, please ready our Terms and Conditions section.

We have staff on site at 7.30am so anytime from then is great! 

Have anything further to ask? Send us a message on our Contact Us page or call 6228 0274